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How to cast out Demons

Dr. Tony Evans shouts the Truth about demons to me through my radio. I'm on a highway in the middle of the August-baked New Mexico high desert, 40 miles from any town, a place where Jesus himself might be shouting about demons.

Dr. Evans explains the reason why animals eat one another, and by extension why there is evil in the world: All of nature is demon possessed.Demons only want one thing: to sow chaos and disorder in God's ordered world. Therefore, anything that is disordered to you, anything that confuses you, is demon possessed and should be cast out. When you cast out the demon, the void left must be filled by obedience to Christ, from whom all order flows. It makes sense!

Maybe you scoff at Dr. Tony Evans, but his theology underlies all of western culture. It's in you and me, whether you are a godly bible banger or a scientific big-banger. The European enlightenment of the 17th century rejected biblical superstition, but held onto the core theology: the earth is a spiritually dead place fallen from the stars, whose purpose is be exploited for its resources. Both scientist and missionary see the world through the same lens, and argue over who sees the world more clearly through it. 

This theology of the spiritually dead earth is injected into us each day by advertising (capitalism's never-ceasing scripture reading). And even earth-loving, post-Bible, shamanistic whoo-hoos like me, cannot escape the fact that I have to wrestle daily with the realities of having this cosmic story injected into my spiritual cells.

If you wonder why football is held sacred, why city after city sacrifices the education of young and the health of its vulnerable in order to build stadium-shrines, it's because football is our purest mythic expression of the theology of victory over demons. The ball is the seed of sacred power and both the godly (our guys) and the demonic (their guys) try to plant their seed in the other's garden in order to sprout a world of good or evil. But I digress.

This ancestral injection of dead earth theology is the reason why so many white people say to me that they don't want to do ancestor work. They hate their ancestors for this poison.

Dr. Tony Evans and I agree on one thing: demons can and should be cast out. What we disagree on is the demon's name, how we perform the exorcism and where it goes after it's cast out. I name the demon "Dr. Tony Evan's theology," and I've dedicated my life to casting it out of me and others who want it cast out.

When we do shamanic ceremony to attend to our ancestors and to heal them, we are healing the spiritual decimation injected into them by this theology, and the industrial machine-mind that emerged from it to enslave us to manufactured comfort at the expense of sacred beauty.

When we do ancestor work, we heal this spiritual wound that bleeds internally in us and bled in our European ancestors. It's the demon, not the ancestors, that needs to be cast out, and casting it out heals them and us. 

How do we cast out this demon? Not by shouting the dogma of the dead dirt from behind the mahogany pulpit, but by gathering in a circle where we may look into one another's spirit-sparked eyes, and by drumming and dance to remember who we truly are: not machines, not consumers, not shame-filled fallen souls, but gleaming wave crests kissed by sun, moon and stars. As we remember who we are, and as we drum and dance, we shake the demon that preaches of the dead earth out of us.

And where does the cast-out demon go? It is sucked safely down through the ceremonial vortex we have erected in the middle of the room, sucked down to be loved, forgiven and composted by the great Dark Mother who swallows all dead things and transforms them into nourishment for the next generation.

When that demon leaves and is safely escorted to the other world, the void left in us by its exit is filled with wonder, curiosity and beauty. The frenzy of constant warfare in order to gain more wealth subsides, and we may allow ourselves to stand beneath the glowing autumn maple leaves and celebrate with them as they, too, leap into the arms of the Dark Mother to be forgiven, loved and composted into nourishment for the next generation of life on this sacred earth. 


This is my hope for you, and for me and for us all.


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