12th Annual Winter Solstice 

The Great Mother Comes to Bless Us

December 19-21 (Friday - Sunday)

Part Theatre performance, part interactive shamanic ceremony. Unrepeatable, untweetable, cannot be downloaded.




Interviews and Book


"Your book is stunning, Jaime. Thoughful, insightful, practical and poetic at the same time, honest, brave, and, unlike any other book on shamanism, laugh out loud funny! Thank you!"  -Jeanne

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Read a new drummer's take by clicking here 

"For me it took a sense of adventure and a bit of courage to go to my first Friday night Drum - especially because I didn't have any idea how to drum.  Choosing to step into the drum circle started opening me. I reach for more of my SELF now.  I've gained - or re-claimed - a bit of audacity and a lot more courage to truly reach out for LIFE in a freer and more dynamic way.  I dance with Spirit! - and what could be better!" 

"Thank you. I have not felt this alive in years."

“My work with Jaime is a way of freeing myself from what Wendell Berry calls “the desert of unremitting purpose”.  It is a way of connecting to wildness, and to forces that are not entirely planned and confined by human strategy.  Life is good.”

What a phenomenal experience!!!  I LOVED it ALL :)  The energy was FANTASTIC, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE!!!!  LOVED it, LOVED it, LOVED it!  I cannot wait for the next one!" 

"Because of the way you helped us to think about the changing of the seasons, I was able to switch from having a "good" half of the year and a "bad" half of the year to appreciating ALL of the seasons.  I had so much more joy from June to December this past year than I have ever had before.  Thank you so, so much!"

"Jaime is a Shaman and a superb storyteller, who brings the Spirit World close and helps you open your own doors to Spirit.  Jaime does this with caring and respect for the people in the drum circle and with a great sense of humility and humor!  For me he is a teacher, counselor and friend.   Loving each other and the earth is paramount and he demonstrates this in unexpected ways.   An oddly loose knit "Tribe" has evolved out of all this." 

"Jaime is a master at creating safe ceremonial space for individual spirit quest.  He opens the door between worlds."

"Jaime is a gateway to bring spirit back."

"Jaime gives good ceremony."

"The call of the drum is an invitation to honor spirit.  Jaime understands what that means"

"Of all the seminary educated performing playwrights who are also shamanic practitioners, Jaime is the best."