12th Annual Winter Solstice 

The Great Mother Comes to Bless Us

December 19-21 (Friday - Sunday)

Part Theatre performance, part interactive shamanic ceremony. Unrepeatable, untweetable, cannot be downloaded.




Interviews and Book


"Your book is stunning, Jaime. Thoughful, insightful, practical and poetic at the same time, honest, brave, and, unlike any other book on shamanism, laugh out loud funny! Thank you!"  -Jeanne

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The House Of Spirit Medicine

The House of Spirit Medicine is made from red willow and holds about 14 people.  It is shaped like a sweat lodge, like a womb, like a hive, like the rib cage of the Great Mother, like a cauldron, like the universe. We enter it with a sacred attitude to cry out for help, to sink deeply into mystery, to ask for Spirit to move us.  It is a container of healing, life force, ceremony, and intimate community. It is a meeting place between our world and the other world. It is a place of transformation for you if you want it to be. 

It’s in my back yard in south Minneapolis for a reason: the spirits want this work done right here, inside the life in the city, acknowledging that Spirit is everywhere, even right here, right now. The Spirit House welcomes you. 

I make prayers in the house nearly every day, for all sorts of reasons. I make prayers for the drumming community, my students, all of our ancestors, the neighborhood, and humanity. It's a good practice. 

Read an article about the Spirit House that I wrote for The Journal of Shamanic Practice on my documents page. Click here.


Individual Healings in the House of Spirit

Many people over the years have asked me about Soul Retrieval – a cross cultural practice of what Sandra Ingerman calls “mending the fragmented soul” (click here for a description from Sandra's web site). I studied with Sandra a long time ago, and have quietly performed soul retrievals and other healings for many people over the years.

How it works: we meet for an hour to chat. I do a diagnostic journey to ask the Spirits what is necessary. I tell you what I’m told and what the parameters of the ceremony will be. It’s very individualized. The fee is a suggested donation of $150, but I may suggest more or less depending on your situation, the work involved, and your capacity to pay. This is big, life changing work. If you are ready for it, help is ready to arrive. Email me to begin the conversation. drummingthesoulawake@gmail.com